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The Simple Pendulum School of Physics, #SP2, established in 2024, method is the gateway to excellence in foundational physics courses in any STEM career.

Our mission is to make learning physics accessible for all minds and abilities based on educationally tested approaches and time-honored curricula. You may be surprised to discover that beyond the actual subject of physics, the structure of physics problem-solving applies to most academic and professional activities in the industrialized knowledge-work based world of the 21st century.

Welcome to The Simple Pendulum School of Physics!

Solving physics problems is an integral part of most STEM curricula for several reasons:

1. Solving physics problems develops general problem-solving skills: 

Physics problems require

  • #CriticalThinking aka questioning and validating assumptions, 
  • a #ModellingApproach, where an initially unknown situation is modeled on a basis of general principles
  • #Abstraction →  a solution is often needed for a multitude of possible inputs
  • #Creativity and #Flexibility →  a solution can often be non-obvious/ non-intuitive and there is often more than one way to solve the problem

which are transferable to many areas of life.

2. Solving physics problems requires analytical thinking

  • Physics problems require breaking down complex situations into manageable parts, evaluating data, and making connections between concepts.

3. Solving physics problems improves mathematical skills: 

  • Physics problems involve mathematical calculations, which reinforces math concepts and develops mathematical fluency in areas as diverse as algebra, trigonometry, and numbers theory; and at college level calculus, linear algebra, and probability.

4. Solving physics problems enhances understanding of the natural world: 

  • Physics helps students understand the fundamental laws and principles that govern the behavior of the natural world.

6. Solving physics problems develops spatial reasoning and encourages curiosity: 

  • Physics problems often require visualizing and manipulating objects in space, which enhances spatial reasoning skills.
  • Solving physics problems can spark curiosity and a love for learning, as students discover how the universe works.

7. Solving physics problems develops resilience: 

  • Solving challenging physics problems requires perseverance, and mature management of "trial, error, and failure," which helps build resilience and a growth mindset.

Altogether solving physics problems prepares students for future careers: Physics is a fundamental subject that underlies many fields, such as engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, and technology. 

By learning to resolve physics problems, students develop a powerful toolkit of skills that will benefit them in many areas of life! 

About Us

Setting up young minds for a lifetime of success

Setting up young minds for a lifetime of success

Our faculty of Ph.D.’s and researchers are dedicated to cultivating a passion for physics providing top-notch instruction.


Aleksej V. Mialitsin


Gleb E. Selin


Petro P. Yakovchuk


Years of Combined Instructors Experience

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to cover all fundamental concepts of physics, providing students with a strong foundation for further education and career advancement: Mechanics (enrolling SP24), Electricity & Magnetism (enrolling FA24), Molecular Theory (enrolling by invitation), Thermodynamics (enrolling by invitation), Optics (under development), Quantum Mechanics (under development).

Hands-on Experiments

We believe in the importance of practical learning. Through hands-on experiments and laboratory sessions, students get to apply their theoretical knowledge and test essential scientific skills (under development).

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